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35 Years of Dog Training & Industry Experience

Bente Dubnitzki is Head Dog Trainer and has worked training dogs and in the film and tv industry in everything from Hollywood Blockbusters, to Netflix Movies, TV Series, TV Commercials (TVC's) and still photo shoots with global brands - you can learn to do the same!!!


Step by Step "Force Free" Dog Training Videos

Learn the methodology to not only perform EVERY dog trick in this course, but to expand the same principles of training your dog into learning ANY trick.

Dog Cloud Film and TV Dogs

Your Head Trainer

Bente Dubnitzki has been training dogs and working in the film industry for over 35 years.

Global Experience

Tap into the knowledge and experience of someone who's worked with EVERY type of business, production company and budget for film, tv and more...

Blockbuster Movies, TV Series & more...

Bente's and her dogs have worked in major Hollywood blockbusters, TV series, TV commercials and photo shoots for global brands.

"Force Free" Training Formula

Learn Bente's BAC Formula and 3D's with a "Force-Free", positive re-inforcement only approach to bring the best out of your dogs.

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Meet Your (Dog) Trainers

The stars of the show you see in Movies, TV Shows and TV Commercials - AND the special dogs who are going to help you train your dog with easy, step-by-step, follow along videos.

Mr. Big

Aquaman, Harrow, TV Ads


Movies, TV Ads


Movies, TV Ads, Brand Photos


Movies, TV, Brand Photos

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What Members Say
About the Film & TV Course

With customers in more than 7 countries globally, these highly discerning dog trainers share some honest feedback - here's what they said...

Tracy & “Sugar Bear”, USA

Shazz & “Gypsy & Blue”, NZ

Elaine & “Manny”, UK

"Industry insights are so valuable. It's clear the experience Bente has and it's like I've just skipped 5 years into it."
Sam & "Rusty"
"Love the step-by-step breakdowns of tricks. Easy to understand and do with my own dog straight away. Excited to build show reel."
Lily and “Kona”
"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just loving this course and Bente's force-free approach. So loving and gentle - and it works so quickly!"
Jeff W.

Get Your Film & TV Career Going!

You cannot beat learning from someone who has been there and DONE IT! Fast track your way into paid work. Learn the dog tricks that Directors like and begin an exciting adventure with your BEST FRIEND!