Some Tips for Helping Your Dog Adjust to a Dog Cloud Bed

  1. Support them like you would a visit to the Vet. Sit there with them and help them feel comfortable and get used to these valuable massage treatments. Once conditioned (1-2 days typically), you’ll have a dog self regulating their own therapy wellness program.
  2. Pats & Treats – after almost 2 years of testing with a wide variety of dogs, breeds, sizes, personality types, this is still the most effective way to train your dog to stay on their new bed.
  3. Massage Speed #1 – if you have a particularly jumpy, anxious dog, start off on Speed #1 Moov massages. These are very gentle but still deliver deep penetrating massage due to the low amplitude vibration Dog Cloud Beds deliver. Try a week or two on this low speed and then transition to something like Speed #2 Snooz. This fluctuating massage may require a few more pats and treats again, but you might also find you’ve stumbled onto your dogs favourite massage. Just experiment. Start small. Be patient. You have Dog Cloud to help you with active therapeutic relief for the rest of your dog’s life so work up to it.
  4. Settle Time – whilst not advertised in any sales materials, if your dog needs more settle time on the bed before the massage starts, simply email us with your details and we can send an updated settled period of 5 seconds to 120 seconds to your bed. This will allow your dog to become more deeply relaxed and also give you time to see them on there, sit down with them and pat them etc before the massage starts.