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Dog Cloud Technology License Options

Affiliate Program

Dog Cloud’s Affiliate Program is a 2-tier affiliate program with 10% on direct sales, and a further 5% on any sales via your affiliate tree.

Ideal for: Dog washers, dog walkers, dog sitters, bloggers and social media dog lovers!

Paid monthly – you can tap into the 80 million domestic dogs across USA, Canada, Australia and UK and help share Dog Cloud with the 85% of dogs suffering from arthritis and joint pain.

Be part of an incredible goal to help millions of ageing dogs enjoy superior quality of life as they age and you can earn in the process of doing something good.

To apply and join affiliate program – click here

Wholesale Resellers

If you like the idea of adding value to your store or practice and want to stock Dog Cloud Beds, contact us to discuss.

Ideal for: VET’s, Pet Stores, Dog Groomers Stores, Boutique Furniture Outlets, Home Furniture Packagers

You’ll get a wholesale agreement with a small minimum stock hold requirement. We’ll supply marketing materials and training for your Team (via online video and Live Zoom Calls).

Help give dogs this amazing relief and make a nice margin for helping improve the quality of life for dogs and their owners.

Dog Cloud Technology License Program

We don’t believe in competition with other dog bed manufacturers.

We believe in partnership. We want to work with you by providing Dog Cloud Technology and adding it to your design and brand of dog bed in a synergistic relationship that only helps those in need – the 85% of dogs with arthritis and their owners.

We can customise the dog cloud inner technology foam size to suit your bed (minimum quantities apply of course!) but together, we can be part of something truly collaborative and special as we change the quality of life for dogs together.

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